The commercial mark Barcelona Airport Transfers is unique and exclusive to the website https://www.barcelona-airport-transfers.com and has the registration mark nº2690184 with base and central office in Barcelona, owned by Carles Bohigas Garcia with NIF 46653247-R whose activity is with public passenger service transport.

The administration of this company possess and indicae below all the qualificaions necessary to carry out the activities offered in this website and follow the laws established by the European Community and Spanish Law.

  • PDFTitle of National Transporter of Passengers.
  • PDFTitle of International Transporter of Passengers.
  • PDFAll the drivers of the company have the license BTP up to 9 seats and licence type D to drive vehicles with more than 9 seats and can show their licenses when required by a competent authority or to clients if they are asked.
  • PDFAll the vehicles have the corresponding license VTC to transport up to 9 seats including the driver or license VD when the capacity is above 9 seats and can be shown in the case when required by a competent authority or if the client so requests.
  • PDFThe company holds a European Community License to be able to transport passengers within all the countries of the European Community.

We take the opportunity in this section to inform you of the various fraudulent activities detected on websites on similar characteristics and activities, that in some cases will even illegally use our commercial registered name.

To avoid confusion or reclamations that do not relate to us, please carefully read the following points:

  • Whatever website that uses the words Barcelona Airport Transfers as a commercial registered name is acting unlawfully. To detect there individuals and their website it is very easy for you, as all the client has to do is ask for a bill for the services requested, as no document or bill could have the name Barcelona Airport Transfers, as it is not valid and will cancel the bill and quantity.
  • The client can ask for all the necessary licenses to be able to make the activity in Barcelona.
  • You should know that Spanish insurance companies, in the case of an accident involving public service passenger vehicles will not cover if they find that the company vehicles have not got all the necessary licenses.
  • Do not believe the catalogue photographs if they do not guarantee the service with the shown vehicle. It is easy to offer what you are not going to give. In our vehicle section you will be able to see the photographs of the vehicles we offer you.
  • If on your private transfer you travel with luggage upon you or under your feet, the offer of the service you contracted is wrong, as they have not offered a comfortable and quality service.

Barcelona Airport Transfers use different vehicles and models.Cars and Vans: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen. Minibus and bus: Renault, Iveco. Always, depending on the type of service being asked for, depending on the number of passengers and the room needed for the luggage and especially if you are travelling on a cruise. You will always be transported with a vehicle appropriate to the service needed or one of larger capacity.

Barcelona Airport Transfers never use photographs from a catalogue. All the photographs are our own taken by us and are originals.

Barcelona Airport Transfers when you reserve on line offers the option of extra luggage and according to the information you provide we will be able to use a vehicle adequate for the number of passengers and luggage.

All we express in this section is to inform you, in order you can find on the image of the companies that work through internet in the sector of private transfers from Barcelona airport and in this case, our company name, will not be affected by the activities of other traders without professional ethics or principles.

If you have had any of the problems mentioned above we will be grateful if you send us a copy, photocopy or information to info@barcelona-airport-transfers.com to validate it.

We thank you sincerely for your time and collaboration with us to enable you to navigate better.